Personal communication is an underlying benefit for a business in digital marketing. There are several benefits for businesses to implement a digital  marketing campaign other than higher redemption. For a consumer to take the step of texting a business’s keyword to a short code, they have already identified themselves as a consumer who is interested in receiving promotions or discounts about that business and are naturally more inclined to act on a new mobile promotion. There are also tools available for digital marketing applications that can make this even more personal. A business can capture a first name or birthday, then integrate those fields into the body of a mass text message making each recipient feel special.

This in turn will create loyalty and the customer is more likely to continue doing business and promoting the brand to their friends.

Any marketing is very personal because this person has likely been a customer of yours. Do not worry about whether your message or promotion reached its intended recipient because mobile comes with a 95% read rate. Recent polls and surveys show that a large percentage of social networking interaction occurs over the mobile phone. With an app for just about everything imaginable, smart phone users are on ‘content overload’ and many businesses are afraid digital  marketing will become obsolete because of its simplicity. A successful brand campaign can only be realized if the target audience hears, sees and reads the same information over an over again. For digital  marketing to be effective, you need to make sure the information is  consistent with any other material being advertised through mass media or billboards.